Shalom Lecha Salaam Radio Program

  A Beresheet LaShalom Foundation Project in collaboration with Radio Galil Eliyon and the All for Peace Radio Station  
Program Background

Youth Show prepared by:
All For Peace Radio Station and Beresheet LaShalom Foundation
at Radio Galil Elion Station.
Program Background
“Shalom Lecha Salaam” - Arab and Jewish youngsters talking Peace. Forming a free stage for the young generation in our region; thus trying to change the reality into a better one. The idea of a youth show has started to be that free stage and to try to change this reality of the current situation into a better one.
The Program rational

This program will provide a chance for youth from different cultures, religious and backgrounds to meet and get to know each other.
The basic problem, the youth in Palestine/Israel faces is the lack of confidence, because of the common principle known in these societies that the young people are still young and they can't make decisions. The adult world tries to take over the youth world, Thus to cancel there role in the society, and this is a fact that we all should be aware of, and shouldn't be adopted in our societies.
Also, another main problem of both young generation of the Israeli and the Palestinian communities, is the lack of opportunities for the youth to meet, to talk, to listen to each other and to discuss relevant matters, politics, culture and every interesting common subject.   
One of the main goals of so many people living in this country, or even out of it, is to be the stage for these people to express themselves, to teach about their lives and to learn about the others'. To talk about their needs and interests is a way to get to know each others way of life and traditions.
The educational process of creating something important together is a very strong method of getting people together, creating good and significant relationship.
All For Peace (AFP) radio station is one of the main projects that provided the area for both nations where you can talk out loudly, express your opinion, and represent your ideas without any fear or confusion.
The program goals and expectations

To form a free stage for the youths to talk and to express themselves.
Exposure of interviewees, artists and topics of each side to the other side.
Look at the life from a young and new point of view.
Discussion of common interests, between the Israelis Arabs and Jewish youth.
Put the light on the different organizations in the country, especially the ones that deals with the youth.
Try to encourage the youth on being healthy and on finding. The useful hobbies, like reading and music, etc. and to warn them from bad habits like smoking and drugs.
Try to develop opportunities for the youth, in order to become the future decision makers, better future parents and better citizens.
Empowering the role of the youth in a society, as being part of this society, not passive.
Actual activity of the Radio program
Youth from all over the Galilee are going to meet every week, to create together a Radio Peace Program. They come from different villages; moshavim and kibbutzim.
The program will be broadcasted in All for Peace radio station; and the Galilee. The young people will meet in the Galilee Radio Station and produce the youth show for Peace. It's an hour weekly show, and mainly consists of interviews with the people involved in the subject of the show, so, there might be experts, or just ordinary people or schoolboys and girls, etc. each interview lasts for a about 8 to 10 minutes, or as long as it covers the subject. A variety of music that penetrated the programs is so delicate and enriching.

The youngster will go through a professional workshop; in how to produce and create a talk show for radio.

It is very important that there will be weekly meetings to allow the relationships to develop to a good level that will give them the possibility to have better results in the program.
Target Groups
Youths from both societies Israel (Arabs & Jews) and Palestine.
Youths who would want to let their voice be heard.
The program is guided by professional radio producers from Radio All for Peace and from Radio of The Galilee. The group is guided by professional educators that have very good experience with mixed groups.
The project evaluation will be during the project by interviews of the participants and the audience. Changes, if needed, will be made respecting the opinions of the audience and the professional guides.


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To be able to continue this wonderful innovative project, we need financial help and support in order to open new bridges between the North and South of the Country, between the Galilee, Jerusalem and Ramallah, between Jews and Arabs, between Israel and Palestine.

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